Would you like My Right To Decide to educate your Community?

We have an informative educational presentation we would love to bring to your community. Our forum covers the history of cannabis, the wellness value, economical benefits, and current legislative information pertaining to Full Responsible Adult Use. We ask you to advertise the event as being two hours due to a question and answer portion after the presentation. My Right To Decide will need a space big enough to have a screen to show a Powerpoint. WIFI or a dependable hot spot is needed. We will have two tables to set up, one with educational material, and the other with merchandise for sale. 

  1. Find a public facility to hold the event. We recommend a City Hall or library. Check the availability of the facility and put a hold on a couple of different dates. 

  2. Reach out to My Right To Decide with the dates and facility location using the form below to assure our group is available to attend. We will call you back and discuss your event. Once the date is agreed upon reach back out to the facility and secure the time. 

  3. Send invites to ALL your county and state officials, as well as your police and sheriff department. 

  4. Reach out to your local newspaper about the event. You can have editorials published in most local papers for free. Here is an example you may use. 

  5. My Right To Decide will create a FB event from our page and share with you so you can share the event with your community. 

  6. Advertise your event! Hang flyers at all community bulletin boards and local colleges. 

  7. One week before the event, follow up with officials to see if they are going to be able to attend.

  8. If you have ANY questions or concerns during the process reach out to My Right To Decide.

Host An Event

Thank you. We will call soon!