My Right To Decide is a Kentucky grassroots campaign to end cannabis prohibition. 


Prohibition is defined as forbidding (a person) from an action or activity by authority or law.  Cannabis was demonized, by a government appointed official in the 1930’s. The newly created Drug Czar for the United States, Harry Anslinger, had ulterior  motives based in racism and greed.  The history of it’s health value can be seen in how doctors prescribed cannabis based products prior to the defamation of the cannabis/hemp plant.


Our goal is to educate the Commonwealth of Kentucky on how supporting a change in Kentucky's cannabis laws will bring benefit to every resident of the Commonwealth.  The following bullet points represent how postive change will benefit the whole:


  • Ensure American constitutional freedoms are returned and upheld

  • Offer a safer choice in healthcare

  • Reduce opioid overdose deaths by 25%

  • Lower teen use with regulated markets

  • Eliminate non-violent arrests

  • Remove criminality from the lives of hundreds of Kentuckians

  • Save families from the destruction of jail time 

  • Introduce new revenue to our general budget

  • Provide an alternative to raising taxes

  • Tax revenue generated by consumer (not by all)

  • Family farms sustained with a 2 season crop

  • Etc.


We need and ask for your help.

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  • Share the message that cannabis is not to be feared

  • Attend meetings, rallies, and events to help educate

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